August 15th, 2011


A Creative Weekend

The past weekend was pretty darn good. It started on Saturday when we got up early and headed over to Wildlife West. I hadn't been there in almost a year! They were going to have a tractor and cart in the town's parade and asked if we would fursuit for them. I was jonesing to do some suiting outside of a con because I hadn't done so in some time. The hot weather certainly doesn't make suiting any fun. We asked others if they would like to join us, but most of the locals were 400 miles to the north at RMFC. Kitty wasn't really in the mood to go let alone suit, but once we got there she was all for it. She had a great time. Many thanks to deviantvixen for handling. After the parade I made yet another generous donation to the park to help keep them running for another year. We were treated to a VIP tour of the park which included a behind the scenes encounter with Koshari the bear. Boy, is he getting big! We almost had bear water sports as well in that he got so excited he started pissing everywhere. *lol*

On Sunday I whipped up a batch of fresh salsa with tomatoes and chili peppers from the garden. I also made stuffed green peppers for dinner. Kitty also had fun in the kitchen and made banana bread.

I got Nevada all packed and ready to head to Alaska. Whoot! Less than a week away! I'm looking at some long-term weather models and we might have a rainy start to the trip. D'oh! Oh well. At least we'll be in an awesome place with some awesome friends.