September 6th, 2011


Alaska Travelogue--Day 10 Picture Post

This post will be short on words because I already said so much about it in this post. In a nutshell it was probably the best day of the trip.

I should make brief mention about some of the FAIL that we experienced the other day. We had a pretty awful tour guide. We were stuck on the bus with her for 13 hours and she talked almost the entire time. If I hear "web of life" or "plants and animals" one more time (unless talking about the cool Canadian band) I think I will scream! She droned on endlessly about the fragile Denali ecosystem. OK. We get it! She also had a tendency to spend about 1 minute when a grizzly bear was sighted but stop for 5 minutes every time someone saw a Dall Sheep 1000' up a cliff, visible as a tiny white dot at the road. Never mind we saw a whole herd about 50' from the road (see last post for pic). She also ticked me off when she talked about how awesome it was seeing a fox trot along the road just in front of the bus even though only she and the people in the 1st row could see it (not good for us sitting at the back.) But I eventually got my pic of the cute foxy.

And now...on to the awesomeness!

Yes! I will actually put 2 pics outside of cuts to whet the appetites of those that want tremendous views of nature and those that are interested in fursuit silliness.

For those that want grand scenery...

and for those that want fursuit silliness...

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