November 4th, 2011


Steam Punk

I'm sitting here in a motel room in lovely Tucumcari, NM enjoying an ice-cold Pabst thinking about the cool day I just had. My old boss sent me an email asking me if I had heard about a steam train touring around the West. I knew nothing! It was none other than Union Pacific's famous 844, one of the last mainline steam engines in the country. It would be passing through the state on the Golden State Route. I decided to take the day off from work and do a little train chasing. It was a nice 3-hour drive from ABQ to Tucumcari. There was going to be a stop at the tiny town of Logan just to the NE, so that's where I decided to wait. The train was about 30 minutes late, but the sound of a whistle off in the distance was so wonderful. I knew there was a beautiful bridge just south of town, so I headed there after I got my pics of the train coming into town. I had a feeling that the bridge would be a popular photo spot, and I was right. There were a few dozen people there staking out their photo spots. I found a slightly more risky location and got my pics there. There was then a parade of cars speeding down the highway trying to get ahead of the train. That sucker was moving! Even at 70 MPH I was not able to catch the train until it arrived in Tucumcari some 24 miles away. I got a few pics as it bedded down for the night. I'll resume my chase tomorrow morning. The line parallels I-40, so it might be a little easier to keep up with the speeding locomotive. And!

The UP Special crossing the Canadian River near Logan, NM.

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