November 8th, 2011


Doggie Dash and Dawdle '11

On Sunday I attended (and fursuited) my 9th Doggie Dash and Dawdle which is put on by Animal Humane on New Mexico. It's one of my favorite gigs because it's a challenge interacting with dogs and it's an event I'm actually asked to perform at and my being there is highly appreciated. That's always a great thing for a suiter! The event seemed huge this year. They added a ton more vendors and the people came out in droves. We also responded by having 3 suiters, one more than in previous years. Speaking of previous years, I watched the promotional video for the event and saw that we made it in! (for a few seconds)

This year we posed for a pic which might be used in "Desert Dog" magazine. The other great news was that one of the vendors asked if we were interested in a paying gig. Zing! It looks like we'll be putting in a few hours in suit this weekend for $$$. And!

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