November 11th, 2011


Busy Week

You know you're busy when your week includes a couple days of fursuiting and you don't even take the time to post about it. *lol* Monday and Tuesday I had gigs as Otto Otter at a Children's Water Festival. It's amazing how similar these events have become. Since the kids are always 4th graders, their reactions are almost always the same. At first they don't know what to think about the dorky mascot. Then they start having fun with him. Finally it's all hugs and high fives as they get back on their buses. Since they're at an age when they know it's a person in a suit, I'd like to think that it's my performance skills that win them over so convincingly. Well...I'd like to think that. *snerk*

The new kitties have settled in completely. They're frequently seen curled up together in a massive ball of fur. The only bad thing so far was that Boot caught the upper respiratory infection from his step-sister and he got it bad. On Sunday his eyes were almost swollen shut and yellow goop was dripping from them. After a quick trip to the vet the next day where he was given some antibiotics, he has almost fully recovered. I base that on his running around the house like a holy terror attacking his sister, brother, Mesa, my shoes, etc.

Work will be less fun from now on. My time in the field came to an end on Wed. *cries* I can only hope that I get the contract next year and can continue.

Since today is a holiday for us lazy gov't workers, I also decided to take yesterday off to give myself a 4-day weekend. Nice! Unfortunately yesterday was taken up by doing chores all around the house. I had a bit of a scare on Wed when I came home to find water in the garage. Oh shit. Was the roof leaking? Did a pipe break? There was a drip of water coming from behind a wall. I climbed up into the crawl space above the garage and looked for a leak. Dry. *phew* No new roof. There were also no water pipes up there, so that was out. What could it be? There was a water supply line for the old swamp cooler. The stucco all around it was damp. Shit. I'm gonna have to tear out some wallboard. I wonder what's directly on the other side? I measured it out and it turned out to be the bathroom in the guest room. There was a nice puddle behind the toilet. A quick check and I was very happy. All it was was the supply line to the toilet had developed a leak. That was a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix! It looks like I had caught it before too much damage was done.

Today it's off for some fursuiting for fun and profit. Perhaps this is the taste of things to come! *crosses claws*