November 14th, 2011


Music Post

Here's a post that probably only gilmorelion might find remotely interesting. Just over a week ago I was heading out into the field with my cohort from the USGS. He had an alt-rock station playing on the radio. The song "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies came on. Ah. That song brought me back to the mid-90's. I liked the song so much at the time that I bought the cd "Rubberneck." I started thinking about other one-hit-wonders from that period, and the first song/group to pop into my head was "In the Meantime" by Spacehog. I was then a little shocked when it was the next song to be played.

My other musical story came out of performing at Doggie Dash and Dawdle. They had a folk/bluegrass group performing on stage. Of course music and fursuiting go hand in paw. I was really digging their performance as they were doing some pretty nifty and tight 3-part harmonies. They started singing one song that was very familiar to me. I was really digging it. I made a mental note that I must download it once I got home. Of course by the time I got home, I had completely forgotten what song it was. It drove me nuts for a couple of days as I tried to remember. I kept trying to think of folk/rock bands from the 70's which was hard because there were so many crossovers at that time. Finally while just sitting in the living room watching t.v. a lyric popped into my head. "Oooo Oooo. Crazy love." That was it! "Crazy Love!" It was a big hit for the group Poco in 1979. I was just amazed that my brain made the right connection at such a random time.