December 6th, 2011



It has been an interesting couple of months with our new kitties. They are really developing their own personalities. Boot used to be the total hellion, but he has calmed down considerably. We have been letting all 3 of them out in the yard for very brief periods, and Boot certainly loves to explore the most. Fling was the sweet innocent little girl, but we're finding her to be quite mischievous. Something falls or breaks and there she is with that "Who? Me?" look. Yoink is still very low-key except when food is around. I thought about changing his name to "Oliver" since he's always begging or asking for more. The other day I bought a package of tortillas for a chicken dish that Kitty was making. We left them on the counter. The next day the package had been chewed/clawed to shreds with bits of half-eaten tortillas strewn across the counter. We are assuming it was Yoink, but it could possibly have been Fling. Nothing is safe in the kitchen any more. I had left the garbage out in anticipation of taking it out. I caught Yoink pulling out the top of the sour cream container which had a bit of cream still on it. I also thought about changing his name to "Hoover" since he's quite effective in cleaning up spills from the stove. Having all 3 of them curl up with us in bed every night in a happy little furpile certainly makes up for all of the destruction they have caused. We love our little furry family.