December 21st, 2011


When Smartphones Get Dumb

Yesterday I tried to access my email account only to be told that my username and/or password were incorrect. Hmmmm. I tried logging on using my smartphone which has the password saved so there was no chance of entering it incorrectly. Nope. So I called my provider to see what the problem was. It turned out that they just decided to purge a whole bunch of passwords because they were not robust enough. Did they tell anyone? Nooooooooo. The help person said the call center was getting flooded with calls from people in a similar situation as myself. So I changed my password to something nice and robust. It didn't work. WTF?!? Oh! When they said to use a special character what they meant was that you should use a special character EXCEPT a question mark. *facepaws* Eventually I got everything working again.

Now it was time to change the password on my phone. How does one do that? The usual menus didn't seem to have an edit/delete option. I consult the Samsung webpage. Ah! Here is a FAQ about deleting email accounts. It says to read page 59 of the manual. So I download the manual (because the thing they give you at the store is just a "quick start" guide). The download of the .pdf file takes FOREVER! WTF guys?!? Is your server hooked up to a 2400 baud modem?!? Finally I get the manual and go to page 59. There is info about creating an account but nothing about deleting an account. *headdesk* So this morning I contact Samsung via chat. It may be a bot or a 3rd world drone, but I get my answer! It's actually quite simple but definitely NOT intuitive. So now all is right in the tech world again.