June 22nd, 2013


Apologies to my Lapine Friends

This morning I looked out of the kitchen window and saw Mesa sitting very contently in the back yard. What was odd, however, was that he had a stick in his mouth. Anubis loved sticks. Mesa prefers rope toys. Where did he get a stick? I went outside to investigate. As I got closer his tail started wagging furiously. Wait. That wasn't a stick! It was a leg. He had an entire baby bunny in his mouth. It was already too late for the little guy. I have been noticing a LOT of baby bunnies in the neighborhood as of late. The cats caught one last week, but I was able to rescue that one. Perhaps this was the same one. *shrugs* I just had to grab a pic of it.

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This is not the first time he had caught a bun bun. I looked back in the archive and saw that his first kill was July of 2007, about 2 months after I had found him. I would post a link to that entry, but the pic is messed up.