June 23rd, 2013



This weekend was the 3rd annual Albuquerque Comics Expo. I must honestly say that it was the most fun I have had outside of a furry con. Both Kitty and I commented that it was truly wonderful to have a convention like this in ABQ and even more so since it attracted probably 10,000 attendees. The underlying message was that there is a very strong geek community in New Mexico. That's great news!

I really felt at home just like a fur con. I fursuited for over an hour on Saturday and felt totally at ease. I posed for lots of pics, and having a polar bear walking around was nothing too out of the ordinary. We also met a few of the new furs in town and even a suiter who probably didn't even know about the local community. I was also shocked to see a Goldenwolf and Sandra San Tara booth in the dealer's area and find out that they're both locals. Knowing that there is such a strong local geek community really wants to make me kick AlbuFURque up a notch (It's next weekend!) To show how much fun I had....PICS!

I put the "tard" in Tardis!
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