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The Land of Entrapment

While looking at the calendar the other day I realized that it had been 7 years since I rolled in to Albuquerque to set up residence. I have to find some old bills to see what the actual date was, but I'm sure it was right at the end of Jan. I didn't buy my house until about a month later. In checking house values based on a piece of junk mail I received from a realtor in the area, it seems like I have made about a 30% return on my house so far. Not too shabby. And that's just in calculating based on square footage. My awesome location should factor into that. *happy bear dance* While this state is lacking in a lot of things and always seems to be at the bottom of the good lists and top of the bad lists, I'm happy to live here. While I do feel a little isolated down here in the desert, I'm just a quick plane or train trip away to other population centers. I have my arts. I have my nature. It's affordable. Yeah, I think I'll stay here a bit longer.
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