January 13th, 2014


Cruisin' - The People (last post)

OK. This should be the last post about the cruise. I hope it doesn't come across as xenophobic. It may be full of stereotypes, but it's simply my perception about the people aboard our particular cruise. In reading things on Cruise Critic, there will always be good people on cruises and usually a few whiny losers.

When you're at sea for 2 weeks with a bunch of strangers in a small space, you would hope that everyone gets along and has the same goal of having a fun, relaxing time. People will be people, however, so there will be a mix of personalities. Heck, it could even be an analogy for planet Earth. That is especially true since there was an international mix of people as well. There used to be this concept of "the ugly American" where an American tourist went abroad and got upset in a loud voice that the food was different, the people smelled funny, and that everyone was backwards because they weren't like Americans. What I'm finding out is that the Americans are now the kind and considerate ones. Well, unless you're an old Jewish woman who retires to Boca Raton Florida and your kids never call.

What I observed was that the Asians tended to be very pushy. I have been to China so I know that the concept of personal space can be a foreign one. If you want to see something or get something, you push your way in and get it. On the other side of the scale are the Brits who love their queues. I'm sure I pissed off a few by going to a station on the buffet where no one was getting their food but doing so without walking through the entire line. I also disrupted the flow of things by putting cream cheese on my bagel while in line even though there was not another station around me. I was holding up the queue!

The people who were the most fun and easy going were usually the Canadians and Australians. I will make an exception for French Canadians, however, because we met a couple who was probably one of the worst ones on the ship. Kitty and I had the displeasure of sitting next to them during one dinner. They complained about absolutely anything and everything. We found the food to be quite delicious. They thought it was worse than American fast food. Fortunately another couple was then seated to their other side and they must have been having a bad cruise as well. They went off into their own little bitchfest which left Kitty and myself to enjoy our meal. All of our group then met up with them again during a trivia contest several days later. I told our group to listen in on their conversation. It was 5 days later so there was now 5 more days of atrocities which they had had to endure. The husband wanted to be the first one off of the ship so that he could immediately go to customer relations and demand his money back. The one good thing that came out of the whole thing was that they became the butt of many jokes from that point on. Every time something went wrong to the minutest detail, we would adopt French accents and complain to each other.

I have very mixed emotions about the other Europeans on the cruise, especially those from Spain. Perhaps they could have also been from South America. On the one paw I salute the feeling that one should not care what others think. It's a very furry concept. On the other paw I am of the opinion that there is a time and place for everything. I know I'm a fatass, but I won't keep that from enjoying the pool. I will wear appropriate swimwear, however, because I know that nobody wants to see my ass in a Speedo. So I get a little disgusted when I see an old woman in a bikini whose legs look like 100 lbs of chewed bubblegum complete with varicose veins and big red splotches. Likewise, you should be aware that your top becomes completely see-through when wet. Al Bear managed to take a picture of 2 people on their balcony conducting some sort of primate ritual. It's sort of hard to not look down onto your "private" balcony when it's right below the bar. Therefore you should not pick zits off of your mate's back just above his butt crack. Seriously. The pic Al took literally looked like she was about to give her mate a rim job. Finally, it's nice that you don't care what other people think, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want whenever you want simply because you want to. I always try to be conscious of other people. On a ship with confined quarters, that's almost a necessity. So don't just stop in the middle of a hallway to have your conversation. Don't save seats and then not have anyone sit there. Don't line up a bunch of deck chairs so that you can have a nice view, but several dozen other people can't. Like I said, in reading posts and comments online, these sorts of things seem to happen on every cruise. The trick is not to let the little shit bother you. You're there to have fun, so do so. Take all of the bad experiences and post them to your blog so you can laugh at them later.

Here. Have a chuckle.
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