January 15th, 2014


Slow News Day

If you live anywhere BUT New Mexico, there was probably a blurb on your local news or perhaps a few lines in your local paper about a school shooting in Roswell. If you were living in New Mexico, however, you were deluged with coverage about such a horrific act! Actually, one middle-schooler brought a shotgun to school and fired at classmates. 2 were hit and wounded. A teacher then stepped in and demanded the gun. The kid obliged. That was the end of the story. The way the news media hyped it up, however, you would think that we just had a Sandy Hook or Columbine right at our back door. There was even a news conference put on by the governor to show how concerned she was. Immediately there were pleas for donations. Donations for what?!? The teacher's union released a statement about how our gun laws are so lax. Basically it turned into a media circus in a matter of hours. I especially loved the interview with the mother in tears, clutching her son, telling the reporters that she knew he was safe but still freaked out. Every effort will be made to provide counseling for all of the students. Oh no! There will probably be so much post-traumatic stress syndrome! They interviewed a local woman who had been at an office where a shooting happened several years ago. She relives that horror EVERY DAY! Both Kitty and I got so disgusted with the news coverage that we switched it off after only a few minutes. I'm not dismissing the seriousness of potentially-deadly violence in schools, but sadly violence like this has become a way of life. Heck, our police are killing people every day and it barely gets coverage. I'm just getting too cynical.