January 22nd, 2014


Is It Safe?

10 points if you get the reference. There was a trivia question on the cruise about the movie it was from.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I really hate going to the dentist not because of the physical pain but the pain in the ass I get from listening to how I need to improve my dental hygiene. You don't floss every day?!? You're going to get an infection and DIE! I did get that spiel yesterday and let loose on the dentist saying I can't shove my fat fingers into the back of my mouth to do an effective job. Yeah, after being made to wait 15 minutes in the waiting room I was not in the best of moods to begin with. The hygienist who was supposed to clean my teeth said that I had severe problems with my gums and I probably had a bad infection. My teeth felt fine. She called the dentist in and he showed me xrays that suggested I had a horrible abscess. I had no pain. He rapped on my teeth expecting me to be wincing in pain. Nothing. He then suggested a course of action that would probably cost me around $2K. At this point he started to sound to me like a transmission repair guy. We better pull your transmission RIGHT NOW or else you might be stranded in the middle of the desert with snakes and tarantulas! Seriously. It was akin to a doctor finding a smudge on an xray and wanting to start chemotherapy the next day without running any other tests. I made him pull up every xray of the tooth in question over the past 4-5 years. While it appeared that the bone had receded some based on on-the-fly measurements, we're talking fractions of a millimeter. In fact there was a measurement a few years ago similar to the one I had that day. So I did opt for a deep cleaning which will set me back a few hundred bucks, but I'm ok with preventative medicine.