January 30th, 2014



I got a nice little kick to the nuts the other day. I can't say that it was unexpected, but I was hoping for the best. It seems that I will be losing my window office. We just went through a reorganization, and it was decided to have all of the division managers closer to the big boss. I picked up on little hints like, "offices will be distributed by grade and then seniority." Great. Since most managers are 2 grades above me, I can read the writing on the wall. Oh well. It was a nice few years. I was told back then that I got a window because it's our division that is the bread and butter of the organization. We had to be close to the big boss since most of the big issues were related to water. I guess the times are a changin'. It's been one of my biggest gripes over the past few years. We are becoming an agency of pencil pushers. We don't DO anything any more. All we do is contract administration for the people who are doing the real work. "Project management" is the new buzzword. Sure. It's nice when you have a project with definite start and end dates. The river, on the other paw, flows 24/7/365 every year. *shrugs* At least I'll still have an office, only an interior one. I just hope I can still get XM signal.

EDIT: OK. Now my head is swimming. I just went to check out the office where I was supposed to move and was told by the division chief to hold my horses. I WILL be moving, but where I end up is not written in stone. She then told me that one mitigating factor is the status of a vacancy that is currently in bureaucratic limbo, i.e. our personnel office. What sort of blindsided me was her hinting that they have me in mind for this position which would be a promotion. That would mean I could possibly keep a window office, just not the one I'm currently in. I had talked with Kitty recently about this promotion potential and how I was unsure that I really wanted it. I have a good analytical mind, but the position is more heavily weighted towards modeling and programming. With this in mind I have started tackling some minor bugs with our model and have met with success. Can I do this type of work? Yes. Do I want to do this type of work? Maybe. Could I do this type of work for 7 -8 years until retirement? Probably. Yeesh! How swiftly the currents change!