February 22nd, 2014


Getting Stuff Done

I'm finding out one of the side benefits of having a paid-off mortgage. For years and years there was that constant payment every month that had to be made. Once that burden has been lifted, you realize that there is that much extra money available every month. For me that was over $1000/month. I have been slowly starting to realize that that money is now available to do things like home improvements. Today I dropped $1400 at Lowes in preparation of re-doing all of the bathrooms at Fur Central. The thought of dropping that much more on toilets doesn't scare me. I hired an electrical contractor through Angie's list and got the doorbell working again after 6 years of living with a burned out transformer. Sure, I could have attempted it myself, but it was hooked into a circuit that also controlled the furnace. I didn't want to mess with that. Now I know it's no big deal, so next time I can do it myself. I'm having him come back this week to install replacement ceiling fans. Once again, I could do it myself, but what would take me at least a day will take him a couple of hours.

Today I did do something for myself. I replaced the bulb on my t.v. Yeah, we had bought one of those early HD tvs that required a bulb. This was right before the explosion of plasma an LCD screens. It had gotten so bad that we could not watch tv in the morning due to the sun streaming through the window. You could not see the screen. A night scene during a movie/show? Forget it! I think we must have missed half of "The Walking Dead." I had assumed that the bulb just sort of blew like a light bulb. Oh no. Thank you sophie_manx for letting us know that the symptoms we were experiencing were exactly the ones that signaled a new bulb was in order. I purchased one on Amazon and it arrived today. The procedure was pretty painless except for some lousy Japanese engineering requiring an allen wrench in a tight space. OMG! The picture is 100% better! We haven't been watching HD in months! Turn on your tv. Put on a zentai. There. You have an idea what we have been watching. Once again, now we know better. While the motivation is still flowing, it's time to get that patio of my dreams built this spring.