March 19th, 2014


A Small Victory!

It seems that you CAN fight City Hall! Thanks to a few emails from me and my lawyer neighbor, the curb cut and flume above our houses has been removed! The lawyer sent me the response he received which was something like, "Ooops! That wasn't supposed to be there!" Yeah. Right. It probably was in the original drawings, but after last year's flood, it was probably taken out. Someone must have been using old drawings. Oh well. As long as they're not funneling water towards our property any more. I'm still waiting for a response from the Park Service how it is perfectly fine to funnel storm water across a National Monument.

Here's another funny story about the development up on the mesa. Last week I was walking along and noticed that a steamroller was still running with no one around. Hmmmm. Perhaps the operator just went to take a pee. About 20 minutes later I walked down another street close by but noticed it was still running with no one around. Here's where a little devil bear popped up on my shoulder telling me, "Joy ride!" An angel bear popped up on my other shoulder and said, "You should tell someone!" Right at that moment another contractor drove by and I flagged him down. He was from a different company and thought I was crazy that there was a piece of equipment left running. He drove over and must have made some phone calls. Soon he was shutting it off. I hope someone lost their job over that one.