April 8th, 2014


Kitty Out Of The Bag

I don't know when I was going to "officially" post about this, but since Kitty made sure it was all over Facebook, I'll also do so here. After an engagement of about 9 years, Kitty and I have set the date of November 28th to get married. We picked the day after Thanksgiving because Al and Dex will be in town that weekend. It would also be nice to fly Mom out here for the holiday as well. We've reserved a small chapel that bills itself as "Las Vegas-style" which is exactly what we're looking for; something small and non-pretentious.

I decided to finally pull the trigger after so many years because I felt as if we had already weathered the worst parts of our relationship. Had we been married in 2005 or 2006, there probably would have been a divorce somewhere along the line. We worked things out, however, and we have been in the best spot we have been over the past year or so. There has also been the realization that for as much shit that I have to put up from Kitty, she has to put up with my shit as well. And it works. I guess I also have to stop trying to compare our relationship with other relationships out there. I have to fall back into my default feeling towards humanity that people are assholes. I can't comprehend how a couple would throw away years together because they're bored, looking for something better, wanting to re-discover themselves, blah blah blah. Oh! How about that you're just assholes! Bing! That works. Sure. People can change or perhaps you married that person too soon and so didn't know their true nature. Fair enough. You made a mistake. With us, however, we have had nine years to explore one another. Should we wait another nine just to be REALLY sure? We'll both be 50 a year from now. I think the time for waiting is over.

I'm also looking forward to having sex! I've been a good Catholic boy and have been abstaining all this time like I was taught! I hope it's all I have heard it is!