May 10th, 2014


Surprise Roadtrip

I'm typing this from Joplin, MO. I'm on my way to visit Mom for Mothers' Day. I made the decision to make the trip about a week ago. I had originally wanted to make the trip last month, but the bathroom remodel put that on hold. I then thought about making the trip for Mothers' Day, but rejected that because I'll be heading to Califur in just under 2 weeks. That would be too much vacation. Or would it? I decided to just say "Fuck it!" and make the trip anyway for Mom's sake. My boss had a cow because she was taking the week off as well. We're also right in the middle of a major river operation. You know what? I really didn't care. So I'll spend a few days in Chicago and then take a slightly more relaxed drive back next weekend.