June 1st, 2014


Califur Report

Even though the con is still going on, I thought I would write my con report now. Overall the con has been "meh" but in a good way. I wasn't expecting much, but as long as I was hanging our with Al and Dex, that was good enough. It's been fun just hanging out and going out to eat at various restaurants around the area. I also did a fair amount of fursuiting which is unusual for a con (at least for me, any more). I did the parade which took fursuiting to a new low. There were people popping their tops in the middle of the parade. Granted, the weather was warm, but once again, if you can't stand the heat... There were also many folks in kigus and the girl in front of me had a cheap wolf mask, a tail, and that was it.

I also suited last night while the annual KROQ party was going on. While it would have been cool to suit with Beck or Fall Out Boy, it was mostly just a bunch of groupies.

So Kitty and I will hop on the train tonight and be back in ABQ tomorrow.