June 12th, 2014


What Happens in Vegas...

I'm discovering the many pitfalls of trying to book a hotel room in Las Vegas. Kitty and I decided to treat Al and Dex to a Honeymoon in Vegas after their wedding in August. I wanted to spend about $100-150/night which is no worse than I'd spend on a con hotel. Hey! It's mid-week in August! Rooms should be plentiful! And they were! I quickly realized, however, that negotiating the different prices was a minefield! Almost every hotel on the Strip tacks on a $20-30/night "resort fee" for use of Internet and the gym. Ugh! I booked a room at the Mirage which was supposed to come out to about $300 for 3 nights. When the confirmation came back at $600 with all of the fees/extras/taxes, I immediately canceled. I'm finding that it is a common occurrence. What is advertised as $70/night quickly turns into $150/night when all is said and done. The bottom line is that Al and Dex are our bestest friends and I don't mind spending money on them especially for such a momentous event, but I just hate being bent over and sodomized without lube (with lots of lube is a different story *snerk*). I'm also running into the problem of not being guaranteed the room I want. Just because I ask for 2 queen beds does not mean we will get 2 queens. I want a guarantee? Oh! That will be an additional $30. *headdesk* I guess I shouldn't be surprised in a city that was invented to separate you from your money.