July 4th, 2014


Road Closed

It took 15 years, but the road in back of and above FurCentral is now closed. Last week a fence was constructed along the edge of a new bike path that runs along the rim of the mesa. Vehicles can no longer drive above FurCentral unless they take a 4x4 trail from the east. I'm hoping that will be too much trouble for 99% of the people out there. I have been fighting with this road ever since I moved here. It ticked me off that people used the mesa in back of my house for parties (where they then threw all of their empty beer bottles/cans), for sex (judging from all of the used condoms and condom wrappers), and for dumping garbage. Over 10 years ago I dug a "tank trap" to dissuade people from driving there. That worked for awhile. I then constructed another barrier, but that didn't last long. The post about both can be found here. Finally the Park Service constructed a fence along most of the boundary a couple of years ago. That was a huge waste of taxpayer money because shortly thereafter construction began on the development up there and most of the fence ended up getting destroyed. It wouldn't have done me any good anyway since it didn't go across the road. But now the contractor has rebuilt the fence and it goes across the road. Joy! Of course now there might be more foot traffic up there with the construction of the path which is clearly visible from the back yard. The path is also somewhat goofy. It's made of compacted crushed stone. I'm not sure how well it's going to hold up. I thought they were going to seal it with tar or asphalt, but obviously not. *shrugs* We shall see. I'll have to walk it to the west and see how far I can get and whether it hooks up with a paved trail that goes quite a ways west.