August 19th, 2014


7 To Go

I noticed that I just passed my employment anniversary. Woohoo! 23 years with the gubbmint! So I now have only 7 more years until retirement. You betcha that I'm out the door as soon as I'm eligible. In 2 years a door could also open up where I would be eligible for early retirement. If there is a push to reduce the size of government, they could authorize the "5 and 5" where they tack on 5 years of service and 5 years of age to your calculation. So instead of having to be 56 1/2 years old, you could get full benefits at 51 1/2 with 25 years of service rather than 30. I can then spend all of my time going to every single fur con in the world! Bwa haa haa! (or I might find something better to do with my time)