November 2nd, 2014


Billy Boy

One of our kittens is named Billie. Soon after we got her I started doing something that bugged Kitty. Whenever I called the kitty I always went "Billybillybillybilly." Kitty wondered why I kept doing that. I told her that I remembered a cartoon where the lead character, a hillbilly wolf, talked with a "stutter" where he tended to repeat things. Since the cartoon involved a goat named "Billy" he repeated "Billybillybillybilly." I really wanted to find the old toon. At first I thought it was an old Walter Lanz toon. Thanks to the miracle of teh interwebs, a Google search gave me my answer in seconds. The toon was "Billy Boy" by none other than Tex Avery. I watched it and was transported back to my childhood. Great classic stuff!

MGM Cartoon "Billy Boy" (1954) by 100X