November 29th, 2014


Ball and Chain

Yesterday carol_kitty and I became the latest couple in the furry fandom to make things official. Kitty is no longer my "mate," but rather she is now my wife. She will always be my best friend. We married at a small chapel here in town with about 40 people in attendance. The reception was at the Crowne Plaza where we had about 60 folks celebrate with us. We decided to "go there" and about 2 hours before the scheduled end, 6 of us donned fursuits to hit the dance floor. It actually made things pretty epic. The hotel staff loved it. The 15-year old daughter of our DJ turned out to be furry as well and wants to come to our next furmeet. After the reception ended a group of us retired to our suite for a nice after-party.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, especially several furs who braved the Thanksgiving travel mess and came from as far as New York (d_bandit and freakylynx and the Bay Area kaysho. Of course many thanks to our best men albear and dexter_fox who unfortunately had to leave a little early since it's not great to be in a house full of cats when you are allergic to them.