December 7th, 2014


MFF Fail

Yes! I actually used the name! There's nothing quite like turning on the local news at 6am and seeing a bunch of fursuiters. What?!? It seems that there was a hazmat event at the MFF hotel. Details were few and far between but they did mention chlorine. I quickly went online to look for LJ and Facebook posts. Not too many. This con has ALWAYS attracted tard-ish actions. I know of at least 2 fire alarms and the infamous "stair con" episode where volunteers were asked to monitor the stairwells because someone messed with a sprinkler control valve which could have caused serious damage to the system. I was also a bit disheartened to see Kage as the media spokesperson. Did they assign him that job? I knew MFF was becoming AC-West, but has he taken over that much. Dude, you ain't all that. You come across as an idiot. You really do!