December 9th, 2014


The Sky Is Charcoal Grey

It's dreary downtown day.
Lyrics, anyone?
Things are going ok here at mom's. I have been getting more and more depressed as days go by without seeing the sun. In the past week I think I have seen the big fireball in the sky for about 15 minutes. How do you folks in the NW survive this regularly?!? Add this to fact that it gets dark around 4:30, I'm alone, my Kitty (and kitties) are 1200 miles away, and you get a very bummed bear. I've noticed my online snark levels are even in the red zone as of late. The good news is that mom is doing ok. She's still spunky and energetic as always, much to chagrin of her doctor. My claws are crossed that she'll be able to come home before Xmas. I have raised her (and her roommate's) spirits by bringing Mesa with me on visits. He just sits there and basks in the glow of attention while getting petted to within an inch of his life. I also take him on trips to the forest preserve where he is the terror to all squirrels. He even went after a deer a few days ago. He refused to eat for about 4 days, so I had to doctor up his kibble with some canned food. Since he hates it when someone sees him eating, he usually sneaks off in the middle of the night to clean his bowl.

So that's about it. I'm living day to day here. Overall it's not horrible. I find things to occupy my time. If it's a preview of retirement, I could probably get used to it especially if I'm in my own place with things constantly needing to be done.

Oh, and would it be "too soon" to make up t-shirts saying "I can't breathe - MFF 2014." See! I told you my snark level is in the red! How about "Black Bears Matter?"