December 18th, 2014


Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to Obama for starting down the road to normalizing relations with Cuba. It's so anachronistic to think that Cold War is still raging. It's also hard to keep a straight face and talk about "human rights violations" when we have cops killing unarmed people, have one of the highest percentages of people locked up in prison, and engage in torture. I also think it's a brilliant political move because it makes it look like Obama actually did something worthwhile as well as potentially putting possible Republican candidate for president, Rubio, on the hot seat. What?!? You don't want to encourage business and trade?!? You don't want big corporations to be able to sell stuff to a few million people? How un-Republican!

Jeers go to Sony for being complete and utter pussies. Congratulations! The terrorists have won! Don't hide behind "public safety" as the reason you pulled "The Interview." If that was the case nobody should be allowed to fly or gather in public. There could be a threat of TERRORISM! The key to terrorism is that you have to be terrified. If you are bold and don't give in to fear, you win! I think everyone should go out and watch "Team America."