February 8th, 2015


2015 Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts

Yesterday marked our 3rd date night in a row. I guess we're making up for all of the time I have been away over the past 3 months. It was the last of the short film categories and it was also MUCH better than the short documentaries. There were some really great little films, and choosing a winner will be a tough one. Here are my reviews:

"Parvaneh" A refugee girl from Afghanistan is living in Switzerland and tries to send money home with the help of a stranger. You think you know how a story about a naive foreigner and a street-smart girl will turn out, but a friendship develops between the 2 very-different girls. Good production, good acting, but a very simple plot. A nice story but probably the long-shot in terms of a winner.

"Boogaloo and Graham" - 2 Irish boys get pet chickens during "the Troubles" and raise them as pets. A cute movie, almost a comedy. It has no chance of winning.

"Butter Lamp" - The whole movie involves a Chinese photographer taking pictures of Tibetans in front of various backgrounds. It was actually a pretty funny movie especially the old woman who can't be photographed with a picture of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa because she keeps trying to pray to it. There is a deeper (political) meaning behind the film regarding the relationship between China and Tibet, but I still haven't figured it out exactly.

"The Phone Call" - A woman working at a crisis-prevention hotline tries to prevent a man from killing himself. There are essentially only 2 actors in the whole movie, well-known British actors Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent, and even then only Sally Hawkins is seen. It is an emotionally taught movie with just a conversation between 2 people. A possible winner.

"Aya" A woman poses as a driver at an airport (by accident) and drives a stranger to his hotel. I'm predicting that this one will win because the plot is so fresh and interesting. Like "The Phone Call" the entire movie is pretty much just a long conversation between 2 people. The person being driven is a music teacher/pianist and there is a scene with him playing a piece that is on the cd player on the woman's leg/thigh (at her request) that is quite erotic/sensual.

I should mention that once again there was no entry from the U.S. That's pretty sad.