March 13th, 2015


Costco Fail

Yesterday I made a pilgrimage to Costco to get supplies for our annual festival of drunken debauchery also known as our St Patty's furmeet. I found 9 pounds of corned beef easily enough, but hit a roadblock when trying to find adult beverages. Normally right before the holiday there is a big display of all of the necessary refreshments e.g. beer and whiskey. Sure, they had Guinness but there was no Irish ale to be found. I was also shocked and dismayed to see no Irish whiskey! There were plenty of scotches, but no Bushmill's nor Jameson. *cries* Since I was already in the liquor section I decided to pick up a bottle of Costco gin. I had never tried it before, but their other "store brand" liquors have proven quite tasty. I proceeded to the local liquor store to get my beer and whiskey.

I got home and unloaded the vehicle which was something of a chore since I had also purchased dog and cat food as well as kitty litter and several cases of canned vegetables. I'm not sure what clicked in my head, but an hour later I suddenly realized that I couldn't remember unloading the gin. WTF?!? I figured that the clerk had put the bottle off to the side since it was breakable and the bagger forgot to put it in the cart. As I was ranting, Kitty called the store and sure enough, there was an unclaimed bottle of gin waiting for its rightful owner to pick it up. *facepaws* Kitty agreed to drive to the store and pick it up for me in exchange for my cooking the side dish to go along with our steak dinner I had planned on grilling up outside. So now the bear has his gin and all is right with the world.