March 18th, 2015


Mesa Update

It looks like the last time I did one of these posts was right before New Year's. In that time 3 more houses have been started. It seems that as the temperatures have increased so have the number of lots being prepped for building. I have a feeling it will be a busy spring/summer up there. No houses have been completed yet, but I bet a few will be by the end of next month. Work continues on Unit 18 which will be condos or apartments. There has been a LOT of ground prep over the past 3 months with trenching for utilities and drainage above and beyond all that had originally been done last year. So here is the latest map showing the lots with active construction i.e. a structure on it. I found it amusing that the very first lot that had some work done on it never went past the initial phase of leveling which they never even finished.