March 19th, 2015


My House

I realized that I just passed the 16th anniversary of my moving into Fur Central. I'm pretty sure it was March 16, 1999 when I took ownership of the house. I know there was a big snow event the next day and according to my weather database there was a fairly major storm on the 17th. I was worried that the movers would have a hard time, but this is NM. All of the snow was gone by the afternoon.

I think the house was built in 1985 which would mean that I have now lived in the house longer than all previous tenants combined. I know there were at least 2 owners prior to myself so I have hands-down lived there longer than anyone else. I'm still making the place my own, however, with a remodel here and a remodel there. Perhaps I'll finally get the back yard looking exactly the way I want it. I'm having the entire outside re-stuccoed in the next month and hopefully there will be a new roof as well. Soon I'll have the place ready for the next 30 years.

One thing I have also been thinking about is when do I consider myself more of a 'Burquean than a Chicagoan. I was born and raised on the outskirts of the Windy City and lived in the same house for 18 years. There's then the gray area of the 4 years when I went to college. Since it was a temporary thing, I guess I should still consider myself a Chicago boy. Then there were 3 years of grad school, but by then I was pretty much moved out of the Chicago house. There was really no going back at that point. By the fall of 1990 I was out in the working world and definitely a Westerner. Do I miss Chicago? Yes and no. I think I wrote here in LJ that I had pangs of "homesickness" when I sat on a park bench on the shores of Lake Michigan near Buckingham Fountain. Then I drove in the traffic and watched the local news. The crime. The inane politics. The taxes and cost of living. Nah. I'll take the Wild West.