April 12th, 2015


Bear on the Roof

I'm not Jewish and I don't have a fiddle. I continued my painting project this weekend. Like I said in an earlier post I wanted to tackle the south side of the house first. The nice part about the south side is that most of the work could be done from the roof i.e. no ladder needed except to get on the roof. The weather was mercifully cool and the sun was mostly hidden by clouds. It still didn't stop the roof from getting uncomfortably hot by noon. Working on a pitched roof has its own set of challenges. There is the added stress of constantly worrying about your footing. A few times I watched things slowly slide off the roof onto the driveway. It would only be about a 10 foot fall, but it would still be enough to injure or kill if you landed on your head. There is also the constant worry about having the paint bucket tip over. The one good thing is that I'm having a new roof put on next week so I could splatter and not worry about it. Man, the roof really looked like hell. I knew that shingles were missing since I constantly found them on the driveway after a big wind storm. The guy who gave me the estimate also said it looked like there was considerable hail damage. There have been a few pretty big storms over the years. Next time I'll get the insurance company out here to do an inspection instead of assuming everything is fine.