April 18th, 2015


H R Pufnstuf

Normally after I wake up I immediately turn on the news. This morning the tv had been set to MeTV because Kitty had been watching reruns the night before. They were showing an episode of HR Pufnstuf. I vaguely remembered the show since I would have been 4 when it was originally on t.v. I was much more familiar with the other Sid & Marty Croft shows such as "Land of the Lost" and "Sigmund and the Sea Monster" which debuted a few years later. Perhaps those shows planted a seed in my young brain since they had cool costumed characters. Of course I immediately focused in on the "fursuiters" when I watched this morning. Oh! How I wanted to try on Orson, the wicked vulture suit! Dr Blinky the owl was also pretty cute.

"Land of the Lost" came on next. I was always afraid of the Sleestacks when I was little. Now I wanna be one. *lol*