April 20th, 2015


Weekend Highs and Lows

It was a rather interesting weekend to say the least. On the positive side I was taken out to an early birthday dinner last night by Kitty and several friends. I also managed to finish painting the trim on the south side of the house. The bad part of the weekend was that I seemed to have lost my wedding ring. I had no idea how much my fingers swell and contract. My finger went from "there's no way this ring is coming off this finger" to (the now-painfully-too-obvious) slip right off. I'm hoping it came off in the night and is somewhere under a dresser or nightstand (thanks to playful kitties). The last bit of news is that I signed a contract with a landscaper to completely re-do the back yard of Fur Central. Yes, it's going to cost an arm and a leg, but it will be a showcase piece that should be nothing short of awesome. Albu-FUR-que (June 20) this year will have 99% more fire this year thanks to a new fire pit! The new worry will be singed fursuits. *lol*