April 22nd, 2015


The Half-Century Mark

Here we are, LJ! Old Bear turns 50 today! I REALLY have the "creepy old guy" credentials going on now! I haven't had the "OMG50 Blues" yet, but there have been some subtle things that make me stop and think. Of course I received my AARP membership package in the mail. I also noticed an ad for a new Del Webb retirement community opening up locally which is billed as "an over-50 community!" Maybe I should stop off at the hardware store today and pick up a "Keep off the grass" sign since I know I'm gonna be yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off of my lawn! Oh wait. This is the desert. There is no lawn. I keep having the urge to watch the movie "Network," not only because it's one of the best movies ever made, but because it has that wonderful speech by William Holden who describes his mid-life crisis. I used it in a birthday post a few years ago, but basically it says that death is starting to scare the shit out of him because it's starting to have definable features and that the end is now closer than the beginning. Don't worry. I'm not getting all death-obsessive, but the thought of keeling over from a heart attack or stroke is a little more to the forefront of my brain. So all you yougins out there have the responsibility of keeping the Old Bear young at heart.