April 23rd, 2015


Hawaii Five-O

You just KNEW that I was going to use that subject line one of these days.

I had a nice birfday dinner with Kitty and scritchwuff last night at the "meat faucet." It has become a birthday regular since the birthday person gets a kosher (i.e. FREE!) dinner. Just after we left I got a birthday call from albear and dexter_fox. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that in just 3 days we would all be together again and chillin' on Waikiki. I just checked the weather forecast and it is one of the most boring I have ever read. Every day it's highs around 83 and lows around 73 with a chance of showers. No daily temperature swings of 30-40 degrees like here in the desert. To help with our mental preparation for the trip, Kitty and I watched the Brady Bunch episodes when they were in Hawaii. I was looking at the skyline and wondering how much had changed over 40 years. Probably just a little *lol* So I hope I'll have some good shit to post about over the next couple of weeks, maybe even a little fursuiting. Stay tuned!