May 15th, 2015



The back of FurCentral looks like a war zone. Every bit of grass has been removed. The railroad tie retaining wall is gone. The old sprinkler system has been ripped out of the ground. The 2 big yuccas are no more as is the honking-big juniper bush. I was hoping for a blank canvas fresh start and I certainly got it. What I'm excited about is having a yard that is properly xeriscaped and not zeroscaped. Whoever thought cactus and cholla were good ideas for a user-friendly yard should be beaten with sticks. I'm thinking about having my sister come out and do my plant selection since she has a a lot of experience with this sort of thing especially with the knowledge of plants that will do well in this climate. I'm kinda shooting for an "organized jungle" for part of it with lots of plants that will be colorful and attract wildlife. The majority of the new yard, however, will be dedicated to an additional patio complete with fire pit. It should all be ready to debut at this year's Albu-FUR-que on June 20.