May 26th, 2015


The Busy Little Weekend

This was supposed to be a weekend of doing nothing especially trying to stamp out the last vestiges of "the coconut crud" but Kitty and I ended up doing quite a bit. On Saturday we were invited to the wedding of a couple of young furs here in ABQ. They had a nice simple ceremony (geek themed) in their back yard. While chillin' with friends, someone suggested a BBQ on Sunday. Since Fur Central is still a disaster area, we headed up to our furry friends' house up north. Many hot dogs and hamburgers were consumed as was much whiskey. Monday was going to be a recovery day, but I decided to go ahead and head over to the nursery to buy the trees for the yard project. We picked up a couple Modesto Ashes and one Raywood Ash. I already have one Raywood in the yard and I love the look of it. We really loved Japanese maples, but they do much better in more shady environments. Hopefully the landscapers get a lot done this week. I'm missing my yard. The cats love it, however, because they have a gigantic litter box.