June 21st, 2015



The past 2 AlbuFURques seemed to be more subdued than previous years. Last night's bash brought back the level of excitement to 11. I took great joy in watching people walk out the back door and seeing their eyes bug out at the transformation of the yard. Furries love transformation. *lol* The heat was a bit oppressive with temps hovering around 100. As soon as the sun sank below the mesa around 6, however, the party kicked into high gear. Kitty's headcount reached about 90 people. It didn't seem crowded at all because everyone migrated to the new patio areas. The fire pit was christened with a friendly campfire. We went through a wheelbarrow-full of firewood. I cooked up about 12-13 lbs of steak and Kitty made a few family-sized packs of teriyaki chicken. Everyone else contributed lots of tasty treats. We have such a generous community! The only blotch on the evening was when our local assburger tard harassed several of the guests. I think I may have to bring out the banhammer. This has gone on for too long. I missed some of the action because I fell victim to the old devil whiskey again and passed out on my new comfy outside couch. Curse you, mint juleps! At least no one drew a penis on my face. The back wall, however, was not so lucky. There is quite the peni gallery out there now. Bad furries! No biscuit! On the other paw, furries can provide cute pics (Thanks, procyonid in his Cami suit). I also took the fursuit virginity of a few furs. I'm happy to help spread the suiting bug.