June 29th, 2015


Kitten Anniversary

It was 1 year ago yesterday that we welcomed 2 new fuzzballs into our lives. Billie and Diva have been great additions to our furry family. Diva has distinguished herself as the little huntress. She and I have a cute little routine in the morning. When I step out of the shower she is waiting on the toilet seat lid for me. She reaches up with her 2 front paws to give me a hug. Billie was originally named for Billie Jean King, but I think Billie Holiday would be more appropriate. She loves to "sing" to me as I get ready for bed, demanding pets. All 4 cats have adapted well to one another. Fling was the last to accept the new arrivals. Yoink instantly became their big brother. Mesa loves to torment them in the yard. One thing I hope they outgrow is their love to chase after dad up the mesa when he takes Mesa for his walkies. I'm glad they know the mesaside well, but I hate to see them wandering so far from home. It was quite amusing last November when d_bandit went for a walk up the mesa to check out the petroglyphs as well as the views of the city. One of the kittens followed him around for over an hour, doing her best to trip him by getting underfoot.

Here's a photo from the day we got them

Here they are today