June 30th, 2015


Bad Movie Fest

Our trip to SoCal was so brief that we didn't have a lot of time to plan stuff. This was perfectly alright with Kitty and me since just hanging out with Al and Dex is also a very awesome thing. Al, Dex, and I went through 72 beers over the course of 48 hours. During this time we watched 2 horrible movies from the 70's; "The Warriors" and "Switchblade Sisters." "The Warriors" I was well aware of, but Al and Dex had never seen it. We MST3K'd the whole thing. I did my best "Warriors! Come out to plaaaaaaaay!" routine although my thumb is too big to put a beer bottle on it. I had never seen "Switchblade Sisters," but it was a great piece of 70's camp. We read the bios of all of the "stars" on IMDB, and pretty much nobody had much of a career after that (with one or 2 exceptions). Al kept up the "Bad 70's" theme by showing lots of clips from "Supertrain!" which was a failed show on NBC and cost the network so much money it nearly bankrupted them. I may have watched the show as a kid, but it was so bad I had blotted it out from my memory.