July 5th, 2015


4th of July Furmeet

We had a nice event last night. Just under 30 people showed up. Someone had suggested a drag theme which was met with a lukewarm response. The few that suggested it showed up in dresses and gave me shit for not getting into the spirit. Bad move! I showed them up by coming out in my pink tutu. Good times. I changed back into normal clothes and cooked up 50 hot dogs and brats. They were quickly devoured. There were a few fursuiters and the one little 2-year old girl in attendance with her parents fell in love with the big fuzzy characters. Once they de-suited she was pretty bummed out. I quickly changed into Sabot and gave her another round of furry goodness. There's nothing better for a suiter than to hear squeals of laughter while being chased around the yard. Once it got dark the illegal fireworks were brought out. We had quite a nice show going on in front of the house. We also enjoyed the neighbors' displays (also illegal). I also received the best possible compliment from a fur who had never attended a meet before. He had a fantastic time and had never felt so welcome and accepted before. He absolutely loved the fact that he could completely be himself. That's what it's all about!