July 20th, 2015


Yard Update

My sis spent the weekend with me, helping me get part of the upper yard "landscaped." I originally asked if she could help me out by just recommending perennial plants that would do well in a direct-sun, desert environment. She did me one better by actually digging up plants from her own yard that fit the bill. In all she brought over about 44 plants. She started planting on Friday while Kitty and I were at the concert and then we both hit it on Saturday with her doing the planting of the smaller stuff and me following behind hooking up the drip irrigation. We finished right around noon just as the sun was starting to really beat down. We then took a quick trip to the nursery where we picked up a couple more plants to fill in. To top things off we also made a trip to the top of the mesa where I had noticed a few nice wildflowers. The vegetation up on the mesa is about 99% tumbleweed which is flourishing thanks to all of the rain we have been getting. Occasionally, however, I'll run across some wildflowers. I transplanted a few from the mesa into the yard. We'll see what happens. So now the yard is largely complete. The upper yard has the patio/firepit on the west side with my xeriscape garden on the east side. It will hopefully look better than the rock and cactus that were up there previously.