July 26th, 2015


Weekend Report

It was a nice chill weekend at Fur Central. Yesterday we did our chores and then prepared the house for a little get together with scritchwuff and another local fur who wants to break into the fursuit making business. Kitty was going to commission her for a partial, but then I had the idea of having her make matching suits for the both of us. The ultimate furry couple! *lol* I grilled up hot dogs. Scritch whipped up some mint juleps. We all just chilled out on the patio until the sun went down. I lit a fire in the fire pit, and we toasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Good times.

Today was another relax-o-day. I got my chores done early which left lots of time for chillin'. It looked like the chance for thunderstorms was going to be minimal, but we got hit by a storm which made me *squee*. A line of storms formed over the Manzano and Sandia Mts, but it looked like they would pass to the east of us. An outflow bow-wave flowed westward from the storm which kicked off a major storm right over the house. My jaw dropped as a red blob formed from nothing in a matter of 5 minutes on the radar. It dumped about 3/4" and caused a little flow off of the mesa. I *squee*d again when I saw that the flow went right down the channel I had dug a few weeks ago. And now another wave is passing overhead, so I will sign off and go watch this storm. Perhaps there will be even more *squee*ing.