August 18th, 2015



In looking through the movie section of our local alternative paper last year, I noticed a movie titled "Tusk" which was directed by Kevin Smith ("Clerks," "Jay and Silent Bob," etc). The synopsis of the movie was that it was about a mad scientist-like villain who wanted to turn a man into a walrus. My morbid furry curiosity got the better of me and I added it to the Netflix queue. It arrived the other day. Let's just say that it was good, campy fun. I thought it was a combination of "The Island of Dr Moreau" and "Silence of the Lambs." Yes. There is a really really creepy walrus "fursuit" as well as the final battle scene where the evil doctor dons his own walrus suit. I have to learn to better control my desire for any and all things "furry" (that or buy an economy-sized bottle of eye bleach).