September 7th, 2015


Kitty Update

Kitty, (with a capital "K") is doing fine after her oral surgery. She has been taking pain meds which have made her more loopy than usual *snicker* so she has been pretty useless round the house (more so than usual) *snicker* I get to eat leftovers while she is relegated to eating soft foods like jello and pudding. Billie (kitty with a small "k") is also doing better. She actually ventured outside for the first time since her attack on Thursday. She gets pissed at me because I have to squirt antibiotics down her throat, but soon she's cuddling up to me for pets. I'm thinking I may have to rig up some sort of camera system in the back yard. Perhaps one of those cameras that hunters use to stake out game trails. I found a piece of crap on the back patio and thought it was one of the cats since it was about the right size. When I scooped it up, however, I saw that it was almost all seeds. That wasn't cat shit. So I don't know what wild critters are running around out there.