September 9th, 2015


Spoke Too Soon

After my last post about Kitty feeling better, things went south very quickly. Kitty has been having trouble with her left foot for a couple of months. She got some sort of infection and her podiatrist has been treating her with antibiotics. It has been healing very slowly. When she went in for her oral surgery on Thursday, I noticed her foot seemed to be very swollen. Perhaps she had just been putting too much weight on it. On Tuesday she could barely put on her shoe. She called me at lunch time to tell me she had made an appointment with the podiatrist and I needed to drive her. OK. I took off from work and took her. When the doctor looked at her foot, I knew things were serious. He told her to get to the hospital next door and go to the ER. She had an appointment with her dentist in an hour so he told us to head to the hospital right after the appointment and to bring an overnight bag because they were probably going to admit her. Eeeep! So after her dentist checked out her gums, we headed over to the hospital. Fortunately the ER was pretty much deserted so she was seen right away. They took all kinds of blood samples and the doctor-on-staff looked at her. It was the first time I got a good look at her foot and I was shocked. It looked like those photos you see of mountain climbers on Everest with frostbite. As the blood tests came back the story got even worse. Her blood sugar was through the roof. It seems that she probably has diabetes. Word quickly came down that her podiatrist was going to do emergency surgery in a few hours. The final result was that she had a severe infection in her foot which will probably claim a toe. Had we waited 24 hours it would have been a foot or even a leg. She is currently in the ICU at the hospital awaiting further surgery tomorrow. They are trying to control her sugar levels and are also pumping her full of every antibiotic known to kill whatever infection is in her. So keep her in your thoughts and send good vibes her way. Better yet, send her a message via LJ. I'll post more tomorrow once we know the extent of the damage.