September 18th, 2015


Kitty Winehouse

♫They want to send Kitty to rehab I said yes, yes yes.♫
She transferred from the hospital to the rehab facility on Wed night (not afternoon thanks to a transportation SNAFU). I visited her yesterday and her attitude had improved 100%. I think she is realizing that there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and she's making baby steps towards the ultimate goal of a normal life. She can now wear her own clothes and get around on her own somewhat. They were pleased by the way she can use a walker and a kneeling scooter. I bought one for her the other day so she will be able to get around. It was nice to have dinner with her in the dining room and then spend a little romantic time on the patio watching the sunset on the Sandias. The next step is to get her off of the antibiotics and get her to the "green" mobility stage where she can be completely independent. On another note I got a look at her foot for the first time. It's not all that bad. I kidded her that perhaps she needed to change her fursona to a camel or a sloth. There was also a joke about "camel toe."