December 24th, 2015


Christmas Movies

Last night Kitty and I watched "White Christmas" since it was available On Demand on Netflix. I found it pretty "meh." The chemistry between Kaye and Crosby just wasn't there like Kelly/Sinatra. It was also done 10 years after "Holiday Inn" where the song "White Christmas" was first introduced. Overall the movie wasn't even all that Christmas-y. And I couldn't hear the song "Sisters" with picturing it being sung by 2 animatronic foxes. Sorry. Further Confusion Variety Show reference there.

If you have Netflix, a better choice might be "A Very Murray Christmas." It's a hip, star-filled show done by Bill Murray that somehow better captures my mood about Christmas. It really is a melancholy holiday when you get right down to it especially if you don't have kids. The season is definitely more "Fairytale of New York" than "Jingle Bells."